Alcohol Abuse Treatment Program

alcohol abuse

Those who suffer from alcohol addiction often go untreated because they are not able to recognize they have a problem or their loved ones choose to overlook the issue. This can often lead to the situation worsening to a point where it seems as though a sober life cannot be obtained.

At Renaissance Ranch Logan, we have the experience and knowledge base to guide those with alcohol addiction through all aspects of their recovery. Our patients receive education on the scientific and factual background behind their disease as part of their treatment.

A Holistic, Individualized Approach to Alcohol Abuse Treatment

We believe addiction treatment should be holistic, treating the patient's mind, body, and spirit. With our 12-step program combined with Gospel principles, we help addiction victims and their loved ones identify issues, learn to cope with the symptoms, and face their demons head on.

We also work to provide each patient with an individualized treatment program, ensure each individual receives the care they need.

Extensive Experience in Dealing with Alcohol-Related Issues

Our alcoholism treatment programs have proven results and we look forward to assisting many in Cache Valley and beyond with their alcohol issues. Our staff has extensive experience dealing with alcohol-related issues, including the knowledge that it takes a tremendous amount of courage to face alcohol abuse and are dedicated to help each patient through the process.<"/p>

Are you ready to start a new chapter in your life and recover all that you've lost because of alcohol addiction? At Renaissance Ranch Logan, we can help you or your loved one become alcohol-free and sober—for life. Call us today and start your journey to recovery.