Drug Rehabilitation

drug rehabilitation

Drug Rehabilitation

Our Drug Rehabilitation program is designed to address the needs of the individual. We want to provide an opportunity for all victims to break the cycle of addiction and create healthy, productive lives following treatment. We not only provide excellent service but also high addiction recovery success rates.

Comfortable and Fully Equipped Rehab Facilities, Compassionate Staff

Our Logan outpatient facilities are set up to create a therapeutic and healing environment where our patients can recover and feel peace in their lives. It is staffed with compassionate therapists and drug rehabilitation professionals, who know what it takes to beat addiction, and ultimately create a new, clean life.

12-Step Recovery Combined with Gospel Principles

Our treatment program involves several stages of recovery. We include gospel principles, as we believe healing includes the mind, body and spirit. This combination allows each individual to find healing at every stage, and keep them from slipping back into substance abuse.

Our drug rehabilitation program includes one-on-one counseling, educational activities, and relapse prevention work. Each session is tailored to the individual's particular recovery needs.

Get immediate help today with the trusted professionals in Logan. Call us at 435.213.9036 and experience the best drug addiction option for you or your loved ones.