Prescription Abuse


Prescription drug abuse is taking medication that has not been prescribed to you, or taking it for a different reason than initially intended. It starts when the abuser seeks the substance compulsively and continues to abuse it. Later followed by harm to their lives and relationships.

It takes more than willpower to break free from prescription drug abuse. With help from our Outpatient Clinic in Logan, you can recover and build a healthy, sober life. Those who need treatment in Logan will benefit from our 12-step Holistic Approach to treatment. This is a proven method and we have helped hundreds of people find, and stay, on the path to recovery.

Expert Prescription Drug Abuse Staff

Our staff not only has extensive knowledge in prescription drug abuse treatment, they also have an understanding of other psychiatric medical conditions that may lie at the root cause of the issue. With their expertise, we can assess each patient's history of abuse by looking at symptoms of pain, depression, and anxiety. We use this knowledge to tailor make treatment for their needs.

A Nearby Treatment Center

A strong support system is an important aspect of success in a treatment program, so staying close to friends and family can be helpful to many clients. For those suffering from addiction in the Logan area, consider Renaissance Ranch Logan, a nearby facility that is ready to help you find recovery.

Prescription drug addiction does not have to be a lifetime sentence. We want to help you, and we have the tools and staff to do it. Call us and start your journey to a sober, happy life.